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Irish Stone Circle

The IABN is founded on the cultural and historical  contributions of Irish descendants throughout North America.    Using a light hearted,satirical approach, we seek to use our collective experiences and insights to further our social,    professional, and individual pursuits.

 IABN Milestones

March 2008 – The IABN is Born!

Like a lot of great Irish ideas, the IABN was concocted over a few pints and a bit of humor at a couple of local pubs in the Newport Beach California area. John Richards created the groundwork for the group on LinkedIn among other places in cyberspace, and with the help of early contributors Kieran McGarrell, Daniel Grennan, an Kris Kerrgan the Irish American Business Network was born.

December 2008 -First Meet Up!

The first IABN meet up takes place at The Shamrock in Newport Beach California. A grand total of 8 IABN’ers attended.

March 2009 -First Chapter Meeting

The first IABN chapter meeting outside California takes place in Philadelphia. 


The Irish American Business Network’s First Convention , The Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas, NV.

June 2012 -Milestone Achieved!

The IABN Hits 5000 Members in 24 different countries.

December 2012 -Community Involvement

The IABN contributes $3050.00 to the St. Baldrick’s Childrens Cancer Foundation, exceeding its year end goal.

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