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Beyond the linking of jobs seekers to opportunities.. Beyond facilitating sales and business relationships, or the “B” in the IABN if you will..The IABN regularly gets behind causes that make the lives better for our communities.

One such program we will be supporting was brought to my attention by John Mulhern (IABN Belfast) recently. John is the Belfast Met Boxing Academy Coordinator and a AIQ Level 2 Fitness Instructing Coordinator/Lecturer for Belfast Metropolitan College.

Great Vid overview here:

The program targets underprivileged inner Belfast city teens, offering them a path via Boxing to get an education, and out of the many pitfalls that surround their day to day.. The program has been received well by all sides of the Greater Belfast community as well as championed by Councillor for North Belfast Guy Spence (also an IABN’er I might add).

How You/We can help.

John is now looking to make connections with US based clubs and potential sponsors, on developing an exchange type of program. Ideally John would love to bring his kids to the US for an exhibition with another US club, and vice versa…A sister club type of relationship if you will.

Most all of the kids in his program have next to nothing, much less have ever travelled out of Ulster. This would be a great enrichment experience for the students.

So those of you in or around the fight game, or who may know someone who could assist this effort please contact John or myself.

Here are John’s details:

John Mulhern

Belfast Met Boxing Academy Coordinator

AIQ Level 2 Fitness Instructing Coordinator

Belfast Metropolitan College

Gerard Moag Campus

125-153 Millfield



Tel: 02890 265310

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