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IABN Visits The Skinny and Houli Show


If you have not tuned in to listen to the Skinny and Houli show, you are missing out.  James “Skinny” Sheahan and Mike Houlihan (2 proud IABN’ers) have a very entertaining and funny show that the Irish American community in Chicagoland has been enjoying for some time now.

On occasion, I make what Houli calls a “Tony Randall” appearance.. Which for those who aren’t old enough to remember The Tonight Show (and I was in diapers btw) circa Johnny Carson years, actor Tony Randall (The Odd Couple) used to be a on call type of guest, and usually was hilarious. I don’t get as much airtime as Tony to be my naturally hilarious self, but always enjoy stopping by the show. read more

PRESS RELEASE – IABN Convention 2015 in Chicago

Media Contact: John Richards Founder & President Irish American Business Network

The Irish American Business Network Hosts Second Global Convention

San Clemente, CA – September 5, 2014 – The Irish American Business Network (IABN) today announced that they will be hosting their next global convention in late mid-late September (exact dates to be announced soon), 2015 in Chicago IL. This event will bring business professionals from the Irish American community together from three days of peer-to-peer networking, educational sessions on how to set and reach business goals and objectives and studying the strengths and successes that Irish Americans bring to the business world. Oh and you can count on plenty of lively fun and banter! The speaker line-up offers a dynamic and diverse group of business leaders and motivational presenters to deliver key business information and inspiration to help drive forward on the career paths or just personal enrichment. High profile Irish Americans from all walks of life will be represented including those in: Government, Cultural, Higher Education, Sports, and businesses both big and small. read more