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So Cal Chapter Meet Up Reminder May 31st!

When: This Saturday 31 May 2014 at 3:00 pm until whenever.

Where: Finn McCool’s Santa Monica

2702 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA

No official agenda for this meeting, just mingling, passing around business cards, and tall tales.


Irish – American Road Bowling

For whatever reason, I seem to consistently get updates from a couple IABN’ers in the W. Virginia region about road bowling. I don’t know which is more amusing the fact that they call this a sport, or the “sport” itself. Hell they even have a league!!.. In any event, I shall award their persistence and post this update for them.

On February 19,  1995, Don Gain of Bridgeport threw the first Irish road bowling shot in West  Virginia perhaps since Irish troops marched through during the Civil War. His  throw opened a trial match on Wildcat Road in Ireland, WV, to see if this very  old sport could be a new event in the annual Irish Spring Festival, a  celebration of all things Irish-American and of Spring, ending on the very  moment of the Vernal Equinox.   read more