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The Irish Royal Court?

I must sheepishly admit I knew very little about this fascinating niche of Irish History.

While I am sure our Ireland based members have some knowledge of this piece of history, I am fairly certain that vast majority of our US based members do not.

I also learned that an current IABN member is a part of the current court.

Let me first present to you IABN’er  Lady Monica Amann Marquis of Breifne !!

A bit of history:

It has been estimated that Breifne was established more than five thousand years ago by Connor King of Connaught as a reward to his nephew Raighaillaigh (Reilly) O’Connor for a major victory in battle. According to archeological studies, the UK site of Stone Henge is five thousand years old. On the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath, just south of the town of Drogheda, is the Passage Tomb called Newgrange, nearby are two smaller tombs: Howth and Knowth. Newgrange, the passage tomb of Breifne O’Raighaillaigh, is said to pre-date Stone Henge by at least five hundred years and is in a state of complete preservation. read more

Spring News, Notes, and Announcements

Drew McGinty for Congress!

Once again an IABN member is stepping into the snake pit of national politics. Our own Drew McGinty is running for Congress for Pennsylvania’s 7th district.

Beyond Drew being a long time IABN member, was also an integral part of the Ulster American Society, and was on the board of Sport Changes Life which supports disadvantaged young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland pursue higher education opportunities through sport.

Drew is a man of high character and principle, and while he may or may not subscribe to your party’s politics, he supports a common-sense agenda that all sides of the spectrum can gravitate towards. read more