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Sign The Petition!!!

Brothers & Sisters.

As many of you have heard/seen. There has been a very active discussion about the U.S. not currently not having an ambassador to Ireland. Not only is the spot vacant, but it has been vacant for over 18 months!

Ireland, the country that has contributed so much to the historical fabric of America is/has been without official diplomatic representation..  This is unacceptable!

IABN’er Michael O’Brien started a petition to what originally was a somewhat tongue in cheek gesture by yours truly originally throwing my hat into the ring as a nominees, really does point to this most important issue.. myself as a candidate or not.. read more

UPDATE – IABN’s Own Aimee Belgard for Congress

If you recall one of our own (Aimee Belgard) is running for the NJ’s 3rd district for US Congress. In light of recent New Jersey political scandals, I think an honest, people first type of candidate is what is called for.

Tomorrow night marks Aimee’s campaign’s first fundraising deadline of the election year.

She’s off to a strong start, but if she doesn’t meet her grassroots goal this month, it could devastate her chances to win in November.

Unlike her crackpot Tea Party  opponent, she doesn’t have the luxury of deep-pocketed corporate tycoon Tea Party donors. Her grassroots campaign is driven by supporters like the IABN. read more