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SHEIFGAB! Staying Sane, Motivated and Productive in Job Search – by IABN’s Own Conor Cunneen

Our good friend Conor Cunneen has just published a book that should be of interest to everyone in transition – SHEIFGAB! Staying Sane, Motivated and Productive in Job Search. It is available on Kindle at the ridiculously low price of $2.99. (Paperback is $12.99)

I’ve read the book and I love it, but I’ll let one Amazon reviewer speak for the book. “If someone had told me you could write a humorous book on the job search process, I would have wondered how much time they’ve been spending at the pub. But then I read Conor Cunneen’s book on “Staying Sane, Motivated and Productive in Job Search” and realized this is just the type of book I would have expected this slightly zany Irishman would write. I first saw a presentation from the author when I was in transition four years ago. His SHEIFGAB concept, providing 8 building blocks to help you through the challenges of the job search, is full of insights and ideas that will lift anyone who is struggling through what Conor calls a “rite of passage.” read more

Little Known Story of 2500 Irish Soldiers In Vietnam and Their Path To Citizenship

This fascinating and until recently completely unknown (at least to me) story about Irish soldiers serving along side US soldiers in Viet Nam has come to our attention, courtesy of IABN brother Brian McDonnell. Please read.

These days in the United States there is considerable discussion regarding a “Path to Citizenship.” Back in the 60s and before, many Irish born immigrants to the United States needed to make a potentially life changing decision. Stay in the United States and be in our military or return home to Ireland or move elsewhere. read more