Important IABN Updates

                                        Spring 2020

Brothers & Sisters.

First. I want to wish you and yours a joyous and Happy Easter.

Next…I’ll state the obvious..Things are tough all over.. 

We are all experiencing something that we’d never have dreamed of a few months ago. It’s like a bad movie… People are scared, confused, and probably a bit frustrated. 

However one thing is certain..This WILL blow over eventually, and probably will be a good learning opportunity for us all and for future generations. So take heart. hunker down with your family, exercise, practice religiously social distancing..and keep fightin’! 

Easter has also traditionally been the kick off of our annual “Support IABN Fundraiser.” 

We’ve used this function to help keep the group going, to enable the group to continue to offer exclusive insights and assistance in a number of forms. This annual event is our ONLY form of funding.

For obvious reasons, we are going to postpone the start of the group fundraiser until July 4th. God willing this all will be over by then, and at least some degree of normalcy will return to the world.

HOWEVER.. We will be making ourselves available to anyone in the group who needs assistance. Again we don’t have a ton of funding, so we won’t be making mortgage payments for anyone. We can offer minor financial assistance, help with job hunts, resume advice, or introductions to other members who may be subject matter experts in a given space.

Here is what I am calling on you all to do to help your brothers and sister in need. 

Shoot me an email on what you can offer for assistance. ( )

Be creative..It can be advice or expertise about your industry, info about jobs or companies that are hiring, offering up free consultations or services, donations of goods. Just think about what you do and how it can bring value or relief to a fellow IABN’er in need.

Please don’t send me anything promotional or salesy. I want to ensure the assistance is as pure and direct as possible. Remember people are hurting out there, and true charity is not expecting anything in return.

I will gather and sort all of this info and create an IABN Directory of Services to be distributed out ASAP..

Here’s how to format the info you send me:


Company Name

Service overview

What you’re offering

Contact info.


  • If you’re not a group manager or moderator. Please do not accept new member applicants in the queue on LinkedIn..
  • The usual news and shenanigans will return in a couple of weeks.
  • Please try and not put more than 1-2 discussion posts up per week. I want to give everyone a chance at the podium. 

***And in the ultimate example of hypocrisy.. I am going to hog the first entry spot on the discussion board for a few days to make sure everyone sees this.. 

So if you post over the next 2-3 days, I am going to remove it. Sorry, blame LinkedIn for removing the “featured discussion” option.

    We will be weaning our info off of LInkedIn over time. All info will start to only be accessible via  the mailing list and website.

That’s’ all for now. 

John Richards, Chief Custodian

Irish American Business Networks

IABNews on Twitter

Irishamericanbusinessnetwork on Instagram

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