First Trip Perspectives… Dan Schumacher

Every once and a while we like to share the thoughts and journal of our members who are making their first visit to the Old Sod.

It’s always interesting to see how first trips take shape.. The trying to balance one’s roots/hereditary paths, points of interest, and good old tourist traps.. No two members seem to have the same plan in mind.

From Dan:

Dan Schumacher

The most astounding aspect of the trip was when I was able to connect with my grandfather’s niece, who’s family inherited the farm in Ennistymon. When we embraced, they greeted each and everyone of us with a hug and a ” Welcome home”.  I was touched… my grandfather and his brother never made it back. My mother never was able to visit either.  read more

For Deep Thinkers Only: How Culture Manipulates Your Reality

Long time IABN’er John Ivers, Professor of Language and International Studies at BYU-Idaho, has recently launched a fascinating book that all IABN’ers should read.

John J. Ivers

Professor John. J. Ivers

From John:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I believe some of you out there in the business world might be interested in a book I just published. It is a book on cultural differences entitled For Deep Thinkers Only: How Culture Manipulates Your Reality. I am a professor who presented on the subject of deep cross-cultural differences at many conferences over the years and published articles on the subject, but this is my first book. It looks at how those from other cultures interpret their social worlds and how we can avoid misunderstanding them AND keep them from misunderstanding us. I feel it would be quite a valuable read for business people (especially those with international clients). I also feel it would be a good self-help book for anyone as I discuss how our own cultural paradigms often hold us back.  I feel it is a sin to bore people and I tried to make it as interesting and engaging as possible.  read more