IABN Newsletter 2-2013

The All Billboard Edition!

OK I ran out of both time and inspiration to provide any original content this issue. So sue me.

As some of you noticed on LinkedIN I put out the open casting call asking for members to send me stuff they’d like to put in this issue, and of course most of it was self promoting material and or company eyewash, and some more potentially useful than others (no offense).

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We Did It! – Results from the St. Baldrick’s 2012 Charity Drive!

Thanks to some last minute heroics from Ciaran O’Sullivan and St. Michael Dundon we eclipsed the 3K year end target with a final total of $3050

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. It’s not a huge sum, but I believe it shows the character of our group.

In recognition to the grand 11 who donated (representing like .01% of our total membership). We most certainly hope for more participants in 2013.

Michael Dundon – Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities. Charlotte, NC
** Quite simply. We wouldn’t have done it without you Michael

Tim Gallagher- CEO, Astrup Drug Rochester,MN
Ciaran O’Sullivan – Litigation Attorney, The Law Offices of Ciaran O’Sullivan San Fran, CA.
Mary Hannon – Acct. Exec. NACM Arizona Southwest Business Credit Services, Phoenix, AZ
Greg Ivers – President, The Ivers Group, Pittsburgh, PA
Matt Higgins – Manager of Financial Systems at VNSNY, Middletown, NJ
Dr. John Ivers – Dean, Brigham Young University- Idaho. Rexburg, ID.
Scott & Stephanie Duplex – Co-Owners, Elite Tek Services Newport Beach, CA
Liam Garvey – Owner, Galway Bay Gifts Galway, Ireland
Gail Feltham – President & CEO Shore Strategies Brielle, NJ
Kevin Head – Senior Geologist at Cardno – ATC Charlotte, NC read more