Spring News, Notes, and Announcements

Drew McGinty for Congress!

Once again an IABN member is stepping into the snake pit of national politics. Our own Drew McGinty is running for Congress for Pennsylvania’s 7th district.

Beyond Drew being a long time IABN member, was also an integral part of the Ulster American Society, and was on the board of Sport Changes Life which supports disadvantaged young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland pursue higher education opportunities through sport.

Drew is a man of high character and principle, and while he may or may not subscribe to your party’s politics, he supports a common-sense agenda that all sides of the spectrum can gravitate towards.

I invite you to check out his site to get a deeper understanding of Drew as a person and his positions on the issues.


Tis The Season… Well not yet anyway.

I was more than tickled to get emails asking about when donations will start to be pledged for 2017… Very encouraging to read and glad people are recognizing the time and effort we put into helping our fellow members.

Your support goes to us being able to help dozens of members find jobs, helps facilitate business introductions and opportunities, tips on travel and entertainment, raise wareness to issues and development that affect the Irish/Irish American community, and last but not least support our official charities.

However. I am not comfortable in the IABN being in perpetual collection mode. So as mentioned before, we confine our fundraising season from Easter (which will be April 16th this year) to commemorate the rising, through July 4th for obvious reasons.

So thanks again for those heroes who have supported us. Our donation drive starts soon , so keep a keen eye out for the note.

US Travel Bans in the Trump Era… What you need to know.

I will try very hard to straddle the fence here and say President Trump’s Executive Orders in regards to both travel bans and immigration policy attempts have been… well… umm….“concerning.”

By far the most time I spend in helping members are for those holding H! Or J1 Visas. The uncertainty about travel and extended stays have many of our members concerned.. I thought I’d share the bit of advice from one of our immigration experts in the group.


From Fiona:

In the wake of such uncertainty, the ACLU has put together a very helpful “Know Your Rights” webpage. It contains great information on what to do if/when you encounter law enforcement: https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/what-do-when-encountering-law-enforcement-questioning?redirect=know-your-rights/when-encountering-law-enforcement-questioning

Also, as you may have heard, there has been an increase in searches of electronic devices/social media accounts by the Customs & Border Protection at ports of entry. These searches have not been limited to people from one of the 7 countries nor have U.S. citizens been exempt from them. Thus, as a result, at McEntee Law we are recommending a very conservative best practice approach with regards to electronic devices.

Summary: Encrypt all devices, delete everything before traveling, never give up a device unless forced to, never give up a password without a warrant.

Super short summary: Leave tech at home. Buy cheap, portable tech for traveling or at your destination for use there. Use the cloud to keep in sync.

There is also an article in the Washington Post that discusses whether CBP can detain U.S. citizens until they disclose their smartphone passcodes and I would recommend that everyone read it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/02/13/can-federal-agents-detain-citizens-at-border-checkpoints-until-they-disclose-their-smartphone-passcodes/?utm_term=.2f31f95e5597

Please feel free to pass along the above in addition to our contact information and note that our office phone line is monitored (almost) 24/7. Also, we check emails all the time even outside of “normal” office hours.

Scary times indeed but knowledge of your rights (and your attorney’s number) is the best defense!

Fiona McEntee, Managing Attorney @ McEntee Law Group / MusicVisas.com


Email: info@mcenteelaw.com
Office: +1-773-828-9544

Immigration Resources

Our group is blessed with having several immigration experts and attorneys who are willing to help our members or answer any questions. Normally I am a bit skeptical of attorneys, but I feel 100% comfortable in referring ANY of our resources below:

Texas – Elaine Martin – elaine@martinvisalawyer.com

Florida – Kevin Slattery – kslattery@slattery-law.com

Southern California – Kelly Shane O’Reilly – koreilly@wilneroreilly.com

Northern California – Susanna Bogue – sib@justimmigration.com

Boston – Joshua Pailin – joshua.paulin@gmail.com

New York – Amy Coleman – acoleman@levittandneedleman.com

Philly – Sean Ryan – seanconnorryan@gmail.com

Chicago – Fiona McEntee – info@mcenteelaw.com

Honoring Cpl. Patrick “Bob” Gallagher

Brother Tim Gallagher has brought to the group’s attention a very worthy movement to get a US Navy Ship named for Cpl. Gallagher.

A bit of background..

Lance Corporal Patrick “Bob” Gallagher was awarded the Navy Cross for bravery, having been drafted into the service of his adopted country, he willingly served. While under fire Patrick Gallagher showed his extraordinary heroism and inspiring valor in the face of almost certain death, he saved his comrades from probable injury and possible loss of life. His daring actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

Why Is This Important:

Cpl Patrick Gallagher, an Irishman immigrant on a green-card who lived, worked and attended school in New York prior to being drafted, (including canvassing for Senator Robert Kennedy), chose service over walking away, and offered himself to protect others. He also represents the courage of being one of 3,000 Irish men & women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam, and was one of 29 Irish to have been killed in action there. This recognizes the many contributions of foreign nationals in U.S. Navy, U.S Marines & Armed Forces throughout our history, voluntarily serving with loyalty, honor and commitment to their adopted country.This honor could be recognition for the families of those enlistees of foreign birth who have served our country in support of our countries principles & protection around the world: A US Navy ship afloat with this heritage would be a welcome reminder to those at home that their loved one’s service and perhaps ultimate sacrifice, were remembered by us, the citizens, members of our Armed Forces and the government of the United States of America. We herewith request our representatives support, in the appropriate committees of Defense oversight in both the House and Senate, in raising this request at every opportunity with the Secretary of the Navy.


Marius Donnelly ~ A publican who learned of Patrick’s story from a visitor from Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, and who believes Patrick’s courage and life would be celebrated by all of us who value the contributions and achievements of immigrants who came before us, helping to make this the country it is today.

To sign/support the pentition (which I have) go to: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/patrickgallagher

For the Love of Being Irish

I somewhat dropped the ball on this announcement.. I was supposed to let members know about the fantastic book from our own Conor Cunneen as a St. Paddy’s gift, but I completely forgot. Apologies Conor.. However.. This book is great to have any old time, and is an ideal coffee table piece.  Conor has created a Youtube video highlighting the book which you can view at:


Meet Ups!

Southern CA. – The Originals, the Great Ones, the SO Cal IABN Chapter is meeting up on April 22nd.

Where: Finn McCool’s. 2702 Main St. Santa Monica, CA.(www.finnmccoolsirishpub.com)

When 3pm until – ? (Stay for dinner as Finn’s food is quite good)

* Pub quiz, prizes, and general mayhem..RSVP’s are appreciated.

OC & SD residents.. See me if you’re interested in a group shuttle up to LA.

If you’d like to be notified about meetups in your area. Contact your local IABN Chapter President or myself.

Me/Southern California jhnrchrds22@yahoo.com

Greater NY – John Buckley – jbuckley31@gmail.com

New England region – Kevin Elliott – kelliott@tcd.ie

Dublin/Ireland – Daniel Grennan – danielgrennan@gmail.com

Wisconsin – Michael Hanson – michael_hanson@glic.com

Dallas/Ft. Worthelaine@martinvisalawyer.com

Chicago – Gwen Gayhart – gwengayhart@gmail.com  Or Melissa Casserly – melissa@outtherestrategies.com

Philadelphia – John Roche – j.roche@sap.com

Ohio – Erin Ryan – eearyan@icloud.com

Belfast – Tom Mulhern – thomas.mulhern@citi.com

Thanks all for now. If you have any news, pertinent info or annoucements you’d like to include in the next newsletter drop me a line.

*Advertising opportunities available as well..


John Richards

Irish American Business Networks

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