The Diaspora 2015….2nd Grade Style

Last night my 8 year old daughter’s second grade class had their open house to the parents..

The theme for the evening was “Peoples of the World” which meant the kids would demonstrate where the family’s lineage hails from.












Orange County California is not what you’d consider a traditional Irish decedent’s enclave in the U.S., but I was proud to see that the biggest representation of 2nd grade students in the class was from the homeland.

This did present s slight problem for the evening as each family was to bring a traditional food from the country in question.. The usual suspects of soda bread, boxties etc where of course taken, and since I got the info somewhat late, and that my Dixie cups-o-Jameson was shot down by the teacher, we just made cupcakes and stuck a small Irish flag in each one.. I might ad that the cupcakes were gone fasterĀ  than any of the traditional food stuffs..

Almost as equally pleasing is that you can see from the map above, the conspicuous absence of the Bloody English!





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